Beyoncé already has her own Barbie pregnant

               Europa Press/ Photos: Instagram @marcusbabymaximo


The pregnancy of Beyoncé is serving as an inspiration to many people all over the world. The singer is bent on your fans know how they will go getting these nine months of pregnancy and that is why, that won’t stop posting photos on Instagram and even montages of your day-to-day.

Outfits for a pregnant imitated by many such as for example the one that was in his performance at the Grammys, you already have to your own barbie.

The brazilian artist Marcus Vinicus da Silva Bernardo has created a doll that wears the outfit that Beyoncé wore in her performance at the music awards.

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With the curly hair and the crown of gold that so much controversy it caused, the toy has a strong resemblance to the performer. And it’s even been added to a prosthesis plastic to simulate pregnancy.

This is not the first time that Da Silva created this kind of doll is that on your website we have been able to see the oscar-winning Lupita Nyongo, Madonna or even Rihanna.


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