Call to strengthen hygiene and disinfection in Metro of CDMX





                Photo: archive Cuartoscuro





The Metropolitan Assembly of the Federal District (ALDF) approved a Collective Transportation System ( STC) Metro to reinforce measures of daily hygiene and disinfection in ] 390 trains that run through the stations every day.

Faced with the high temperatures registered during this heat season, the Permanent Council urged the director of the STC Jorge Gaviño, to immediately implement the necessary health measures.

In 2015, 5.5 million trips per day were recorded

This, to avoid the proliferation of virus strains that can cause epidemics to the millions of users who use this service daily.

From the tribune, PAN deputy Wendy González Urrutia considered it urgent to promote this sanitary measure, since only in 2015 there were 5.5 million trips per day of which more than one million 600 thousand Came from various places in the metropolitan area of ​​the Valley of Mexico

The Assemblywoman argued that the World Health Organization reports that mass transportation is closely related to the development of several noncommunicable diseases including cardiovascular diseases caused by air pollution.

The above mentioned that it has led to the implementation in several occasions in Mexico City of the program of atmospheric environmental contingencies.

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In that sense, the Morenist José Alfonso Suárez del Real, who previously served in the STC, recalled that there is a sanitization protocol that was further hardened after the presence of the H1N1 epidemic In this City.

Nevertheless, it considered indispensable to reinforce them to avoid any type of illness to the users.