Confirmed stage 1 of environmental contingency for this Saturday





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The Environmental Commission of the Megalopolis confirmed in its report of 20:00 hours that the Phase I of the environmental contingency by ozone is maintained for Saturday May 20.

So this Saturday will not be able to circulate between 05:00 and 22:00 hours the following vehicles:

  • All private vehicles with verification hologram 2, including vehicles with exclusively lettered and non-hologram verification plaques
  • All vehicles with check hologram 1 NON circulation plate termination
  • All private service vehicles with plates from abroad or from other states that do not carry the hologram "00", "0" or "Exempt", may not be moved.
  • All vehicles destined to the cargo transport service with federal or local plate, must comply with the traffic restriction from 06:00 to 10:00 hours. Except when participating in the Diesel Self-Regulation Program
  • All gas, diesel and liquefied petroleum gas delivery vehicles with hologram 1 and 2 NON circulation plate termination.

Through a statement, the agency reported that the high pressure system affecting the Metropolitan Zone of the Valley of Mexico continues to generate atmospheric stability, weak wind and limited moisture transport , In addition to intense solar radiation, which propitiates stagnation of ozone precursors.

The Atmospheric Monitoring System reports high levels of ozone pollution, and today at 3:00 p.m., UAM-Iztapalapa (Iztapalapa Delegation) and Iztacalco (Iztacalco Delegation) stations recorded a maximum value of 157 (161 ppb) and 151 (155 ppb) points in the Air Quality Index, respectively, for this pollutant. According to the forecast of the air quality of Mexico City, the weather conditions for tomorrow will be unfavorable, "is detailed in the text.

Therefore, based on the Programs for Atmospheric Environmental Contingencies s that apply in the ZMVM, the Phase I of Environmental Contingency by Ozone is maintained and communicated for the Tomorrow morning Friday May 19 the following:

It is recommended to the population that during the stay of high levels of ozone, which are presented from 13:00 to 19:00 hours, the following should be done:

  • Children, older adults, pregnant women and people with respiratory and cardiovascular problems avoid outdoor exposure.
  • Students of school centers, athletes and the population in general, should abstain from performing civic, cultural, sports and recreational activities outdoors.
  • Reduce LP gas consumption and recharge in tanks, as well as check and report gas leaks.
  • It is invited to reduce travel by vehicle, make shared trips or use alternative means of transportation.