Senate reveals spending made on tours; Pay 23.8 mdp in per diem





                TRAVELER. The Senate paid a total of 665 thousand six pesos in the trips of Senator Marcela Guerra.





For the first time, the Senate applied the criterion of maximum transparency to its report of international travel expenses of its 128 members, including the invoices paid by the institution and the travel vouchers signed by the 74 senators who attended 84 International events and that involved expenses for 23.8 million pesos during the last year, in which Marcela Guerra was the most traveling.

Since this weekend, the Senate has posted on its website the details of the trips made by its members, including 1,774 invoices to airlines or travel agencies for the purchase of tickets in 2015 and 2016.

Of these, 410 documents, including 820 invoices, correspond to the period April-December 2015 and 472 other documents, with 944 invoices, from January to December of 2016, in which 58% of its members traveled abroad.

The Senate issued a report on travels made during the fourth quarter of 2016, which completed the information on these international departures throughout last year, in which it acquired four tickets that Exceeded 200 thousand pesos, of which two used the artist Ana Gabriela Guevara, and another 55 tickets cost between 100 thousand and 199 thousand pesos; That is, only 15 tickets had costs below 100 thousand pesos.

With the new version of the report, it is observed that the most expensive ticket last year cost 237 thousand 455 pesos. It used Ana Gabriela Guevara to travel to Accra, Ghana.

Last year's travel expenses amounted to 13 million 854 thousand 591.69 pesos in the purchase of plane tickets; 449 thousand 849 pesos were paid in per diem in dollars, which at an average exchange rate of 18 pesos implied eight million 547 thousand 131 pesos; Similarly, there were per diem for 73,727 euros, also with an average exchange rate of 18 pesos, to make a total of one million 400 thousand 813 pesos.

The president of the Commission of Foreign Relations of North America, the PRI Marcela War, became the most traveling, when adding 13 exits abroad; Only on three occasions, the plane ticket was paid by the organizers; In the remaining 10, the ticket was purchased by the Senate, implying an expenditure of 665 thousand pesos.

The most expensive ticket used by her was 186 thousand 652 pesos, to participate in the 39th Meeting of the Board of Directors of ParlAmericas, in Ottawa, Canada, in March.

She is followed by the Panamanian Laura Rojas, president of the Foreign Relations Commission International Organizations. The Panista added 10 trips abroad; Only in one case the ticket was paid by the organizers.

The most expensive ticket used by her was 155 thousand 478 pesos, to travel to Canada.

With nine trips, follows the PRI Rocío Pineda Gochi; Then with eight the Panista Gabriela Cuevas.


Marcela Guerra became the most traveling senator of 2016.

  • It added 13 exits abroad and only on three occasions the plane ticket was paid by the organizers.
  • Ten times, the ticket was paid by the Senate.
  • Of all the tickets used, the most expensive was 186,652 pesos, to attend the 39th Meeting of the Board of Directors of ParlAmericas, Ottawa, Canada.