They will fine anyone who walks their dog without a muzzle and without a leash in Puebla





                Photo: Archivo / Cuartoscuro





In a meeting of the city council of Puebla unanimously approved sanctions and fines for citizens who take their dogs to the street without a leash and without a muzzle.

Iván Galindo, governor of the PRI and president of the Public Services Commission of the city of Puebla, proposed to vote to reform, add and repeal various provisions to Chapter 27 of the Code of Regulations for the Municipality of Puebla (Coremun).

During the session, the proposal to increase sanctions against animal maltreatment and regulate places providing services to pets was voted in favor.

Fines of up to one million pesos are also established to those who exercise the dogfights treat the dogs unfairly or have them in inadequate conditions

It also ensures the regulation of clinics, clinics, veterinary hospitals, pharmacies, aesthetics, pensions and stores of articles for animals or pets.