To the corralón, more than 300 vehicles during environmental contingency





                Photo: Archivo / Cuartoscuro





The Secretary of Public Security of Mexico City, Hiram Almeida Estrada reported that more than 300 motorists were punished by traffic police for infringing the vehicle restrictions in four Days of environmental contingency.

The head of the capital's police said that after the measures announced by the Megalopolis Environmental Commission to reduce ozone levels had been implemented, the uniformed men carried out actions to monitor compliance The provisions.

Among others, the restriction on the circulation of vehicles with check gauges 1 or 2.

Between the days Tuesday and Friday 359 vehicles circulated in day and time not allowed reason why they were dragged by cranes of the dependence to some deposit and received their respective fine

We establish what the norm already foresees, we are doing nothing else, we simply generate some infractions and in some cases the vehicles will be sent to the corralón if they do not have to circulate ", commented the holder of Public Security of the City Of Mexico.

Almeida Estrada ruled out that the Secretariat of Public Security of the capital city apply additional measures or restrictions to the traffic already marked by the Environmental Commission of the Megalopolis