US Senate Invites Former FBI Director to Testify





                Trump asked last February that then-director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), James Comey (pictured), to terminate an investigation into the ties with Russia of former National Security adviser Michael Flynn.





The heads of the US Senate Intelligence Committee invited to the former FBI Director James Comey to to testify Door closed before that commission on the investigation that he directed to determine the influence of Russia in last year's elections .

Republican Sen. Richard Burr, chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, and the vice chair of that commission, Democrat Mark Warner, announced in a statement that he had sent a new letter to Comey, who declined a prior invitation because he wanted to testify In public and not in private.

The petition comes after the newspaper The New York Times revealed yesterday the existence of a memorandum that shows, for the first time, "clear" efforts of the president, Donald Trump, to obstruct the investigation Which the FBI opened on alleged links between its presidential campaign and the Kremlin

According to the information, Trump asked last February that the then director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), James Comey, to end an investigation into the ties with Russia of former National Security adviser Michael Flynn, who had to Relinquish his position for proven links with the Kremlin.

For their part, leaders of the Senate Intelligence Committee today asked the FBI to deliver those memoranda in which Comey detailed his talks with the White House and the Department of Justice on FBI investigations in Russia

Separately, four senior members of the Senate Judiciary Committee wrote to the FBI and the White House for documents detailing the communications between them.

"We need all those memos," said Judiciary Committee chairman Republican Chuck Grassley.

We will try to obtain not only the Comey memorandum, but all the memoranda, all the communications that were between all of us -Comey, and other people in the hierarchy- and throughout the organization, wherever we have Than to do it, "said the Republican.

The White House has denied the facts collected by the newspaper and said that Trump "never asked Mr. Comey or anyone to terminate the investigation" that affects Flynn and no other.

Last week, Comey was dismissed by Trump by surprise, initially for his role in the investigations he had conducted for the controversial use of emails from a private server by Democrat Hillary Clinton.


Shortly after that official version, Trump said that he had dispensed with Comey by considering that he was a "boast" and that the FBI was "a little out of control" for some time.

For the time being, Comey has not responded to the second invitation to testify from the Senate Intelligence Committee, which last week already asked the former FBI director to speak with lawmakers behind closed doors, an offer that declined on the grounds that alone I would do it publicly.

In addition, intelligence chiefs today sent another letter to FBI acting director Andrew McCabe asking for "any note" from the memos that Comey allegedly wrote to document each of his telephone conversations and meetings with Trump , According to The New York Times .

It was in one of those documents that Comey picked up the supposed pressures of Trump to close the investigation to Flynn.